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Before I con­clude my observations on this text, I shall take notice of another objection, which bishop Hoadly urges against the use we make of it; he says, ‘if this text proves any thing in favour of such a right. These are thrown out meerly to excite the public pity, and to skroen themselves from the charge of supine negligence, in not attempting to restore it; under an idle pretence that they want bishops to effect it for them. Yet at the same time they are so weak and inconsistent, as to declare that no attempts to re­store discipline, will be made under the proposed episcopate. Although they are aided by a civil establishment, and supported by the authority, grandeur and opulence of prelates and other dignitaries. The faction in­deed are neither asham’d or afraid to profess principles, partly at least republican as in so doing they are ho­nour’d and secur’d by his Majesty’s example; and there’s rea­son to think, none but such as are of the same sentiments, are real friends to the establishment in the present reigning family; let them boast as much as they will, of their attachment to the present happy constitution. The advocates for passive obedience and non-resistance (which Whippers and Hang men are accus­tomed to) are not apt to be fond of a limited monarchy, as be­ing unfriendly to their own ambitious aims and despotic princi­ples.

  • And thus the great and good ends proposed by Dr. Chandler, cannot be obtained, but by having a black bishop sent to America.
  • In support of the measure, shall be fully considered, and the objections against his scheme, candidly and fairly stated.
  • When this is adjusted, I hope all controversy, and every unchristian temper will forever cease, and be no more.
  • And even after that, a power is reserved to the crown of repealing, within a limited time, any law that may be enacted.
  • For any one with half an eye, that is willing to use it rather than to see by hearsay, as Don Quixotte saw his Mistress, may easily and clearly see for himself, that the Appeal proposes no scheme to aggrandise and enrich the American Clergy, or to impoverish and depress the American laiety.
  • The possible ill consequences and abuses of a learned education are placed in comparison with the danger apprehend­ed from the probable augmentation of the episcopal power, as soon as circumstances will admit of it.

This is a talent, to which, whatever may be the aspirations of his heart, his head is an utter stranger. To retort his own sentiment; he rather seems calculated for those exercises, which are «as unworthy of the public attention,» as the labours of a child, that «engages in crambo or push­pin.» But to examine the Doctor’s mode of reasoning a little farther; it is plain, that by his scheme of a qualified episcopacy, the laity are, by no means, to be affected.

To the Author of the CENTINEL.

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The faith of independents, or in­dependent faith, or faith on which there is no dependence; re­quires a much stronger advocacy than they (sweet babes!) are able to afford it. The identity of possible and probable; or a new system of ratio­cination, by a convention of spiritual logicians, at one of their anniversary meetings for the propagation of—a conve­nient settlement for the bishop of LANDAFF, in a country where people do not expect to perish for lack of that kind of vision. While things were in this situation, the Roman Catholics at home and abroad, especially the Jesuits, were very industrious in making use of every means in their power, to obstruct and dis­grace the reformation. Always fruitful in invention, it occured to them, that they might avail themselves of the instrumentality of the Puritans, to sow divisions and animosities among the re­formed in England.

They know that a difference in reli­gion does not deprive a subject of his ‘natural right to any civil or military power.’ And as to the laity they are contented with the privileges which they enjoy in common with their fellow-subjects. According to the English constitution, every part of his majes­ty’s extensive dominions, where governments are established, has a power to take care of religion in a way suited to the genius and persuasion of the people. At the reformation, the English par­liament formed their articles of religion, and invested their king with all power, as well ecclesiastical as civil, and modelled church government according to their pleasure. They afterwards by the Act of Toleration made provision for dissenters from the esta­blished church. The legislature of Scotland, took care of religion in their own way, and established church discipline on a plan diffe­rent from that of England, which plan was afterwards confirm­ed by the British parliament when both kingdoms were happily united. In Ireland, though the religious establishment be nearly the same as the English, in worship and government, the legisla­ture claim the sole right of establishing articles and canons, and of regulating the affairs of their church as to them seems best.

[From Mr. Parker’s New-York Gazette, Monday, April 25.] THE AMERICAN WHIG. [No. VII]

­thed with civil power, nor would I ever bow the neck to ecclesi­astical tyranny. That there actually is no right of episcopacy within the realm of England, except what is derived from human laws. Of his friends, the astonishment of his enemies, and the great diversion of you, the public) employed that time which might have been better spent in the service of his country, in elaborately spinning from his almost exhausted brain, well wrought exhibitions of cobweb-wit.—But unfortunately!

  • —Remove therefore this instance of oppression out of your church, and shew us that you have as much moderation as the churches established in New-England, who oblige no different denominations to pay to the support of their clergy, but every one supports its own.
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  • I may not only strip the wolf of his sheep’s clothing; but also divest the ass of his lion’s skin, and then his braying will have no other effect, than perhaps to frighten women and children.
  • Head of the church, where-ever it is established by law; whether the church of England is or is not establish’d in the colonies; or even whether the Doge of Venice, is or is not Mayor of the city of New-York.—However I say these things may be, the conclusion drawn from the statutes produe’d, remains in­contestible, and is confirm’d by even the oaths of the subscribing English clergy, in spite of all Mr. P.
  • No discipline was more severe than that of the primitive church; yet it was all voluntary, and received no countenance from civil power.
  • Him to spare his insults, as being no proofs, either of his good sense, or the justice of his cause; and any boy of spirit had rather be disappointed, and even drubbed in a boxing match, than be laughed at.

Very grammatical construction, a person of common sense would conclude the 2d question was determin­ed in the negative; but Squire T. To amuse the people; while the more secret design of the Appeal, is to lay a sure foundation for prelatic dominion in the church, and arbitrary rule in the state.—These have ever been inse­perable companions; and while we are marking the one with a jealous eye, we should as attentively watch the motions of the other. FINDING that neither argument, truth or decency, are to be expected from your doughty antagonist, the American Whig, I beg leave to exhibit to the public the fol­lowing very plain truths; not being in the least afraid of his feeble pen, or his malice, however conspicuous it may appear. After so eminent a writer as the Rev. Dr. Chandler, the reader is not to expect that I should offer any new arguments on the subject. Who by assuming an authority and power never delegated to them, would pass themselves upon the world for men of importance. Those members of the Dutch church, who have a tolerable understanding of their constitution, want no such apologies.

To the Whipper of the American Whig.

And who according to his representation and reasoning, must be reputed to belong to that church, and that therefore there is great need of an American Episcopate, &c. I therefore endeavour to introduce as much confusion as possible,—I’m the Goliah of our fraterni­ty,—I rush in on the armies of the Levites, fall directly on their centre, move towards front and rear, «lay waste high places,» and dispatch institutions of Christianity at a stroke. ‘Twas I, the mighty I, that defended the rights and liberties of my country against the stampt-act;—’Twas I that stood forth in that junc­ture, defeated all attempts to enforce it, and obtained its repeal.— ‘Twas I who founded a Watch-Tower and Reflector, to frighten men, women and children into fits.—’Twas this arm that crushed a college in embryo. This new authority was extended; and ever since it hath been the usual course for the parliament to re­fer the execution of any new statutes, passed for regulating our trade, to the same judicature; so that heavy penalties, even the forfeiture of ships, and their cargoes, are often adjudged here. It is provided, that if any one be feloniously stricken, or poisoned upon the sea, and dies at sea, or beyond sea, the fact shall be triable in any county, according to the course of the common law.

I have received an excellent letter on the divine right of epis­copacy, from a member of the Dutch church, which shall be inserted in due season. And some others, have groundlesly and maliciously endeavoured to fix the charge of sedition on anti-episcopalians. It seems, protests against the sentence given by the appellees as premature, on pretence that the issue between the parties was not duly joined. What was wanting to a right issue, I wish this jurisprudent gentleman wou’d inform the public. «that the matters and things in the answer of the appellees contain’d, are insufficient to be replied unto,» and that, it seems, because they are untrue. Bishops; and, that he might as well propose no expedient, as one that cannot be conscientiously used.

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And now, my dear brethren, do but mind how ludicrously he makes a ridicule of our poor consciences, and of the national establishment, in No. V. Now it is well known, that the very heathen thought it ill manners, and a crime, as well as ill-po­licy, to vilify and ridicule the established religion of their nation; and I would only beg leave to add, that if Mr. The same is enacted into a law, and that he shall have full power to visit, redress, reform, correct, and restrain all errors, heresies, abuses, offences, contempts, and enormities, whatsoever they be, which by any manner of spiritu­al jurisdiction ought, or may be reformed, redressed, &c. That it is equally valid whether the divine right of episco­pacy is well or ill grounded.

An Appeal from the American Whig, to all that are impartial.

For my part when I had proceeded thus far in reading the paper, I expected to see a terrific movement of Syllogisms ranged in rank and file, and to hear the ratling of a strong logical chain, to the end of the chapter. I find but little marching and countermarching of arguments; and the chain consists of but three short links, which have neither solidity nor strength. Our dis­putant states his proposition with all the solemn stiffness of a Ramus or a Burgersdicius, and gives the signal that the mount­ain is in Labour, with such awful formality, that every reader has a right to expect that the production will be more than a mouse. Ge of the most inestimable value; so essential to liberty, that without it, a state can make no pretensions to freedom. F Papa, and the legates and cardinals, officers pertectly useless on his own assumption of the supremacy of the church. Endeavours to inveigle his readers and bring about his design to divide Churchmen.

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This might be improved as an argument against every attempt they may make to increase their power. But waving this, I shal at present consider the subject in another view, and endeavour to shew that the application of Dr. Chandler and his brethren, is in itself a dangerous attack upon the civil liberties of this country. If this can be made evident I hope the Missionaries will not only decline every attempt of the like nature for the future, but that they will, from a regard to the liberties of the colonies, unite with their fellow subjects in opposing any steps that may be taken, in consequence of the application already made; and that the Doctor will admit, that the opposition, neither arises from a spirit of persecution, nor from disaffection to monarchy. I. We have here in England two provincial Archbishops, Canterbury, and York; each of which has his princely retinue for the support of his temporal grandeur, as well as a numerous body of spiritual officers, for the exercise and execution of his ecclesiastical jurisdiction and authority.

MY title now first appears inadequate, for the 7th No. of the Whip; the former part of it, especially, is so singu­larly malicious, that the writer certainly deserves some­thing more than a Kick; the reader will therefore excuse, me, if on this occasion, I act for once a little out of character, in treat­ing seriously one, who perhaps has it in his power to do mischief, as a person of some importance. Barely to laugh at a felon, wou’d be highly incongruous, and only to ri­dicule as a simpleton, a man who ought to be stigmatiz’d as a vil­lain, wou’d be inexcusably criminal. Warm protest against the repeal of the American stamp act.—And it might easily be shewn, that whenever attempts have been made at home to increase the power of the crown, or subvert the British constitution and the liberties of the people; the liberty of America has at the same time been invaded.

[From Mr. Parker’s New-York Gazette, April 4, 1768.] Remarks on the Title, of a Whip for the American Whig.

In going abroad to settle colonies they considered themselves intituled to all the civil rights and liberties of British subjects, at the same time that they were freed from the oppressions of ecclesiastical courts, as well as from some particular customs, tenures and usages, which by the common and statute law, were confined to certain districts in England. Another project they have made use of, to excite a disappro­bation of the scheme propos’d, is malevolently to suggest that the Dr. and convention, were the first and only authors of it. But can these men be ignorant (or do they imagine your igno­rance equal to their presumption) that for almost a century back, renewed instances have been made from governors of Provinces, ministers, vestries, and private persons, for settling bishops in America? —That the plan of sending them, with those a­bridgements of their powers proposed, has been long constitu­ted. —That a committee extraordinary has been appointed to find out Ways and means for the maintenance of Bishops in America.—That they have already obtained a fund sufficient.

He shews that a committee has been extraor­dinarily appointed, to find out ways and means for the mainte­nance and support of bishops in America. He is one for whom addresses have been made to the throne, and earnest solicitations to the sovereign from time to time, to ap­point him. According to his demerits, in a spiritual court, thinks he may safely vent his spleen and malice at the distance of a thou­sand leagues. He that would think much of giving the six-hundredth part of his income, to any use the legisla­ture of the country, should assign, deserves not to be considered in the light of a good subject. Earchable to any but the Almighty —But it must consist in the free, open, and undisturbed pro­fession of our saith; the being allowed publickly to worship God in that mode we esteem most agreeable to him; a moral securi­ty, that we shall not be hereafter prevented from thus acting; and an exemption from any peculiar and grievous hardships on a religious account. This is the case of the schismatics and Whig; they worry and vex themselves in vain; being ignorant of the very scheme, by which our pious designs are conducted.